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distorted lights

A L T E R N A T I V E   M U S I C   P R O J E C T


Official Music VIDEO : "THE SUMMONING"

Official Music VIDEO : "JADE"


distorted lights

an austrian alternative-Rock band


started in 2010 with experiments on sounds and acoustic landscapes, it quickly became more than just a little experiment. over the time, small sounds turned into melodies, ideas turned into reality and simple strums turned into chord progressions, but they never lost the "rawness" of the pure sonic landscapes they once were. the first album by distorted lights was born.

the second album is currently in the works and will be released in 2016.




 david schweighofer

and stefan wedam

georg jobbaggy, michael retter and markus weiß


City Of Dust

by Distorted Lights

"City Of Dust" is the first album by Distorted Lights, it was recorded and produced at Millrace Studios.

We hope you enjoy the music!

©2015 Millrace Records, Distorted Lights and David Schweighofer